The roar of the engines and the rattle of gunfire. Take your friends into a war of tanks. Five minutes is enough to show them who is the best trooper.

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oxTeam keeps on experimenting. Now we mix casual tank games with online games. It resulted in oxTanks. Here you can run multiplayer games with friends on battlefields in the same formation or on the opposite side of a front. What distinguish oxTanks from another tank game? It’s easy to master and quick to run a game. You even can skip the registration process. Just select a team and rush into a war of tanks.

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Multiplayer games with friends

"We are not engaged in a space race with other countries; we are competing only with ourselves" - K.Radhakrishnan, Head of the Indian Space Research Organisation.


joyful multiplayer tank battles


intuitive minimalistic interface


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ingame battlefield renewal

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